Applications for SurfaceCleaner-100

The SurfaceCleaner-100’s SC-water offers the perfect alternative to the dangerous and aggressive chemically cleaning and disinfection products in use.

Its not only a better solution for the environment, it is absolutely safe for operators and equipment.

The SC-100 offers a unique solution for cleaning and disinfection in many different fields:


Business and


The SurfaceCleaner-100 is the perfect solution for use in the industrial cleaning sector. The SC-water is produced economically and efficiently on demand, whenever and however much is needed by the operator. SC-water is suitable for mechanic and manual cleaning and disinfection.

The SC-water meets the

EN 1276 – bactericidal effects on bacteria as E. coli and others

EN 14476 – virucidal effects on enveloped viruses such as influenza, HIV and Corona, as well as the European biocide regulations EU 528/2012. It has a high-performance effect on cleaning and disinfection, while at the same time being safe for both the environment and the operator.

No mixing and carrying of many different, often dangerous cleaning and disinfection products necessary! Another benefit of using SC-100 is having less waste; the SurfaceCleaner-100 means lower costs and environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection.




For all surfaces in sales areas, staff zones and the foodstuffs sector.

The bactericidal and virucidal effects of SC-water has been confirmed in the European standards EN 1276 and EN 14476. It has a high-performance effect on cleaning and disinfection, while at the same time being safe for both the environment and the operator.

Using SC-water significantly reduces the risks of health burden resulting from mixing and carrying many different, dangerous cleaning and disinfection products. Less waste is produced while SC-water lowers costs and has the long-lasting benefit of being environmentally-friendly. SC-water is suitable and always available on demand for mechanic and manual cleaning and disinfection.

Restaurants und Lokale

Restaurants and

The SurfaceCleaner-100 offers the perfect solution for the cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in restaurants and pubs. Suitable for cleaning in kitchens or on countertops, in the food preparation or food packaging sectors, installing SurfaceCleaner-100 means there no need to use any other cleaning or disinfection products. The SurfaceCleaner-100 guarantees an economical and environmentally-friendly cleaning effect.

SC-water is produced flexibly and on demand for exactly the quantity needed. It can be filled into any container chosen.


Hotels and

The SurfaceCleaner-100 is a strong and user-friendly alternative to those cleaning and disinfection products commonly used in the hospitality sector.

The strong antibacterial and virucidal effect has been confirmed pursuant to the European standards EN 1276 and EN 14476. These confirmations ensure safe and hygienic cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in hotels, apartments and various areas of hospitality.

safe – cost-efficient – user-friendly

Wellness und Sauna

Wellness and


Viruses, bacteria and fungi find perfect conditions to multiply in the warm and humid environment of saunas and wellness areas!

The SurfaceCleaner-100 offers the best solution for the efficient cleaning and disinfection of showers, bathrooms, saunas, steam baths and all wet areas.

The SurfaceCleaner-100’s SC-water can be filled into small and larger spray bottles for the disinfection of walls and seats, as well as into containers for cleaning the floor by hand or using cleaning machines.


Care homes and
health care

Cleanliness and disinfection are indispensable for patients, clients, visitors and staff in all areas of health care. Viruses and bacteria are a health hazard not to be underestimated. Cleanliness is top order.

The SurfaceCleaner-100 meets European standard accreditation EN 1276 (antibacterial) and EN 14476 (virucidal), confirming its highest standard of hygienic cleanliness. The SurfaceCleaner-100 guarantees the same effects as traditionally used chemically cleaning products – in most cases even higher.

The SurfaceCleaner-100’s SC-water is used for the cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces – totally without leaving the unpleasant odor of classic antiseptic disinfection products.


Task forces and
emergency personnel

The SurfaceCleaner-100 transforms tap water with electrolysis via patented boron-doped diamond electrodes into a strong cleaning and disinfection product for all surfaces.

SC-water meets all the requirements of EN 1276 and EN 14476 accreditation.


Transport and
public transportation

The SurfaceCleaner-100 is suitable for the cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in buses, trains, taxis, rental cars and any other vehicles affected by and contaminated with bacteria, viruses and germs during heavy use.

For example, floors, handles, buttons, windows and any partition systems can be cleaned and disinfected in one single step by using SC-water.

The SurfaceCleaner-100’s SC-water means having efficient, ecological and economic cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces. Neither operators nor customers will be harmed by dangerous chemicals or irritated by unpleasant odors.


Educational institutions and care centers

Schools, universities, kindergartens and many more – SurfaceCleaner-100 ensures safety and cleanliness for children, students and teachers at each level of education and in any care center. Surfaces in kitchens and dining halls, tables and workstations, seats, floors and bathrooms stay clean and disinfected when using SC-water.

Adhering to the highest hygienic standards, SC-water meets all requirements of EN1276 and EN 14476 accreditation for virucidal and antibacterial effects.


Research institutes and laboratories

Research institutes and laboratories need to meet the highest hygienic and cleanliness standards. The SurfaceCleaner-100 ensures adherence to all of the requirements listed in the standards below:

  • EN 1276
    Bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants as proof of effective infection control in industrial, household and public areas

  • EN 14476
    Virucidal activity in the human medical sector in terms of enveloped viruses such as influenza, HIV, Corona and others.


Laboratory equipment, ventilation systems, floors, storage areas, and any other surface can be cleaned and disinfected in one single step using SC-water.


Common rooms and sanitary facilities

Avoiding infection and contamination in rooms such as bathrooms, showers, locker rooms and in all common areas such as fitness studios and gyms, a good cleaning and disinfection standard is indispensable.

Cleaning and disinfection using the SurfaceCleaner-100’s SC-water guarantees a clean and safe environment for customers, staff and members in facilities such as fitness studios, gyms, public pools, camping sites and many more.


Waiting areas and public meeting areas

Train stations, bus stations, entrance areas: Many people in confined spaces

Cleaning and disinfection can be performed anywhere lots of people get together, in a safe and uncomplicated manner, using the SurfaceCleaner-100’s SC-water, thus ensuring clean surfaces everywhere.

The highly-efficient SC-water can be produced and used on demand to attain a medically proven cleaning and disinfection effect pursuant to the European standards EN 1276 and EN 14476. In addition, SC-water is harmless and safe for both customers and operators.


Offices and


The SurfaceCleaner-100 offers the best of cleaning and disinfection effects for all areas in offices and conference rooms as well as in canteens and in any public meeting area.

The SurfaceCleaner-100’s SC-water can be filled into small and large containers and used for manual cleaning as well as in cleaning machines. SC-water is highly effective on all solid surfaces, regardless of whether the surfaces are made of tiles, mosaics, concrete, glass or other materials. Using SC-water, all of these surfaces are cleaned without any chemical residues and without putting operators and customers at risk.

Safety environment
Cleanliness AND disinfection on all surfaces
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