No dangerous residues – no environmental pollution – the best results

Faster, cheaper, more efficient and more functional than any other chemical cleaning or disinfection product available.

SC-water – produced with SurfaceCleaner-100 – consists of active chlorine, and active oxygen that is produced in an electrochemical process via our patented boron-doped diamond electrodes. The method produces exactly the amount of SC-water currently needed – safely and on demand.

Summary of

  • One-time assembly work:
    Once installation is completed, the product is ready for use within 60 minutes 

  • Always on

  • SC-water is produced by pressing the button

  • Efficient use: Cleaning and disinfection in one single step

  • Minimal costs: Depending on use, generally less than €1/liter

  • Improvement of productivity: No need to unpack, store or mix chemicals

  • Minimal disposal costs: 
    No empty packaging left

  • Safe for your health and the environment: Without aggressive chemicals or cleaning products

  • Safe for operators: No mixing of dangerous chemicals

  • Safe for customers:  No dangerous residues on surfaces



Mode of action

On Demand

Ordinary tap water is channeled through a specially modified softener where it is decalcified and enriched with salt as the main component of SurfaceCleaner-100. Afterwards, electrolysis is conducted via boron-doped diamonds and the cleaning and disinfection liquid we call SC-water is produced.

The boron-doped diamond electrodes are subjected to DC voltage and are thus electrochemically activated. This produces the oxidants needed (activated chloride from the salt and active oxygen from the water).

Glass l stainless steel l aluminium l PVC l wood l laminate
plastic l natural stone l rubber l tiles
and many more surfaces

The electrochemical method produces the highly efficient and strong SC-water– just in time.

Electrolysis is conducted via a boron-doped diamond electrode. These are the most effective and stable electrodes for such electrochemical processes, as has been proven by means of overvoltage.


Convincing technology:
Performance of SurfaceCleaner-100

The effect of disinfection is represented in Log-values.  Log-values show what amount of bacteria, viruses and other germs are inactivated and destroyed by disinfection.


There has to be a log5 reduction at the least in terms of bacteria such as E. coli and enterococci for compliance with the European standard EN 1276.

There has to be a log4 reduction at the least in terms of viruses such as norovirus, influenza, HIV and Corona for compliance with the European standard EN 14476.

SC-water meets these both standards.

Power of disinfection in numbers


Learn more about the power of SurfaceCleaner-100

How does SurfaceCleaner-100 measure up in comparison to the competition’s products in terms of cleaning and disinfection?  We conducted tests and came up with some astonishing results:



or maybe an all-in-one solution after all?

Commercially available chemical cleaning agents have the added disadvantage of not having any disinfection capacity. On the other hand, disinfecting agents have a greatly reduced cleaning effect. SC-Water, however, addresses exactly this problem by offering a 2-in-1 solution: Cleaning AND disinfection of surfaces takes place in just one single step.

But what exactly is the difference
between cleaning and disinfection?


When we talk about cleaning, we are referring to the removal of different types of soiling from a surface. While removing this layer of dirt can remove part of the existing germs (bacteria, viruses) as well, they cannot be entirely eliminated.

Using commercially available cleaning agents reduces germs at a rate between 10% and 90%.


When we talk about disinfection, we are referring to efficiently killing the germs (bacteria, viruses) found on a surface. Disease-causing agents are thus eliminated. However, in order for this to happen, the surface has been freed of contaminants, that is to say that it has to have been cleaned. If it has not been, the disinfecting agents will not be able to reach the germs underneath the layer of dirt to kill them.

There is a 99.999% reduction of germs when using commercially available disinfecting agents, IF the surface has been freed of contaminants.


2 in 1

Cleaning and disinfection go hand in hand when it comes to the cleanliness of surfaces.


SC-Water offers a unique solution for ensuring both in one single step.

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Cleanliness AND disinfection on all surfaces
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